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Numerology Chart Reading (phone Call)

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This is a numerology reading that will go through each number in your numerology chart, giving you an insight as to who you are, your strengths & weaknesses, your purpose, and more. This reading will be done via phone call so once you check out, you'll receive an email within a few days to schedule a time to go over your numerology chart!

We will go over the following numbers:

Life path - which deals with the main lesson that your soul has chosen to learn during this lifetime

Expression - which reveals you strengths & weaknesses

Personality - which reveals peoples first impression of you

Hearts desire - which reveals what motivates you in life, why you do the things that you do

Growth - which is you lucky number, it reveals your strengths

Maturity - which gives you insight as to how to remain focused on what you came here to do

This is a great way to go deeper & understand yourself more.

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