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🌙 June Tarot - Scopes

I know that May was a rough month for a lot of us - energetically, so first let me say that I’m sending love & healing energy your way if you need it. Here‘s this months tarot - scopes. You can find your sun sign, but it’s more accurate if you use your rising.

✨Aries: The word "light" is coming through for you guys, this has a double message. The first message is saying that for some of you, this is your time to finally step up & spread your light. Spread love, peace, & positivity - really step into your role as a light worker because the world needs you right now. Spirit is calling you out. The second message is saying how you're finally getting ready to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you've been going through a dark time, spirit is letting you know that things are going to improve soon.

✨Taurus: Spirit is calling for you to focus on your intuition. You have a heightened intuition right now and it's TRUSTWORTHY. So stop doubting & second guessing yourself. Listening your intuition is going to help you make decisions that are in alignment with your highest good because these messages are coming from within. For some of you, a truth is going to be revealed - confirmation of something that you've had a gut feeling about, but didn't have proof.

✨Gemini: June is going to be a beautiful month for you - filled with so much abundance & so many blessings. One thing that is standing out to me is emotional fulfillment. This means that some of you will be experiencing happiness within your love life, I'm picking up on pregnancies for some of you (this could also mean that someone who you are close to will announce that they're pregnant). For others, this emotional fulfillment means accomplishing a personal goal of yours, or getting to a place if genuine, inner peace & happiness.

✨Cancer: Patience & planning is important for you. If you're wanting to make a change or start something new - DON'T RUSH it. I know that you're really excited or anxious to see the results of whatever this is, but planning is everything. You need to be strategic & build a strong foundation - have all of your ducks in a row with this particular goal. If you take your time, you'll reap long lasting rewards from this. If you rush, you'll be back at square one having to rebuild or walk away from it all together so be mindful.

✨Leo: Spirit is saying that this month, you'll be moving on from something. For some of you, this means moving on from someone or a physical place that no longer serves you (such as a job or moving to a new home, etc.). For most of you, this is going to be a month of self reflection. A month where you become more aware of how you have been holding yourself back & the changes that you need to make to be more aligned with your higher self - so what you're moving on from is your lower frequency self as you ascend & elevate. This month is going to be filled with both personal & spiritual growth for you.

✨Virgo: Love is in the air for you. If you're currently in a relationship, spirit is saying that you guys are going to continue to grow & build a solid foundation. If things have been rough within your relationship, you'll begin to compromise and understand each other more which will improve your relationship. If you're single this is a sign that you're potentially manifesting a new romantic connection. I'm not picking up on this being anything too serious, but this message is also for thousands of people so one of y'all might meet your husband/wife soon & I want an invite to the wedding. For parents, you may notice your children being extra loving & affectionate this month too - in an effort to comfort you.

✨Libra: Stop letting people use you & walk all over you. I know you're trying to be a good person by being there for others, but you need to draw the line when people begin to take advantage of that. Because you have someone around you who is draining you because they feel entitled to you & your energy. Boundaries, set those boundaries & practice saying "no". It's good for your throat chakra.

✨Scorpio: Be a listening ear. You're at a place right now where you're spiritually solid & grounded. That means that you'll notice spirit using you to help others this month, a lot. You're being called to heal others through your wisdom & words of encouragement. Don't take on more than you can handle & take pride in the work that spirit is calling you to do this month. This will be the start of some of you finding out what your life purpose is.

✨Sagittarius: You need extra love right now. Because I'm picking up on some of you feeling lonely. Your guides are going to be sending signs and things to raise your frequency. So if you see a grasshopper on your car, or a butterfly lands on you, or you see an encouraging/loving post on social media, etc., it's no coincidence. You are not alone, you're so amazing, & the world needs you, remember that.

✨Capricorn: This is a month of new beginnings for you. It's a great time to make a life change or start something new. Spirit is saying that anything is possible & this is a great month to start planting seeds for the things that you're wanting to manifest. Unexpected blessings, good luck, good karma - as long as you're open to receive, spirit is going to work a lot of magic in your life for the month of June.

✨Aquarius: If you've been feeling stagnant, discontent, & boredom with an area of your life - there's a reason for that. Spirit wants you to slow down. You guys are really ambitious & always working on something, always looking for ways to be innovative, ways to make a difference, ways to get ahead. Your mind is always on 100 which has been causing you to be more mentally & emotionally exhausted lately. Slow down this month, you need to rest & recharge. & don't feel guilty about it.

✨Pisces: Don't get caught up in the illusion of fear. You haven't been yourself lately because you're so worried about what's going to happen next. Overthinking has been getting the best of you. You have this fear of the unknown which has been clouding your judgement & preventing you from taking control & making conscious decisions that will allow you manifesting your desired outcome. It's going to be ok. Regroup, come up with a plan, & take action. You are in control.


June is going to be an amazing month full of new opportunities. Everything I do is going to bring value & positive energy to myself & others. This is going to be a month of peace, happiness, & abundance. I am already amazed by the many blessings that are currently making their way into my life.

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