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🦋 Manifestation: My Personal Tips

Here are a few things that I’ve worked on over the past few years that have made me become a beast at manifestation:

•Being grateful. I’ve noticed that when you’re genuinely grateful for what you have, the universe gives you more things to be grateful for. I’m grateful for what I currently have. & I always thank the universe for the things that I want - as if I already have them. Writing them down in my journal & speaking them out loud is how I do it. & I always do it when I 1st wake up & anytime that I think about it throughout the day.

•Watching how I speak over my life. As far as EVERYONE, even my close friends are concerned. My life is perfect, I don’t have bad days, & everything is always falling perfectly into place for me. I got out of the habit of venting & complaining when I would have a bad day or going through something. When I was already dealing with something..then to tell a friend “omg my life is falling a part” or “I’ll never find love” or “I’m broke” , I was literally speaking more of those things into my life. Started to shift my narrative. “Girl..I’m amazing. Dealing with a little pressure lately, but pressure makes diamonds so I’m good.” This part took me years to get into the habit of doing, but has changed my life so much. I couldn’t speak negativity over my life, even if I wanted to.

•Having high standards. This came along with self love. Old me: no self love, settled for whatever the universe gave me. New me: very much in love with myself, knows I deserved everything I want, & I EXPECT the universe to deliver because I’m spoiled & I accept nothing less than what I asked for. This also took me years to master, so be patient with yourself. & no.. do not feel bad for wanting exactly what you asked for. It’s out there & the universe WANTS to give it to you. Have the mindset that you’re a winner & you’ll always win. Notice the people who get everything they want & you’re like “how?” We all have a similar mindset. We just expect to win.

•Detachment. This goes with the message above. I’m able to tell the universe what I want & easily detach because I know & expect that it’s gonna happen for me. Master the things from the message above & detachment will become really easy for you. All you have to do from there is go on about your life & have patience till the universe delivers.

A lot of this stuff took me years to get the hang of, but once I got it down, it was life changing. A lot of it has to do with inner work, re programming your mind, & making them a habit. Happy manifesting.🦋

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