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🔮 My Psychic Story

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

How does a psychic find out that they're a psychic? I'm going to share my story & it all started with a divorce and a deck of tarot cards. So I've been on my spiritual journey for almost 4 years; growing, gaining knowledge, & becoming more connected with myself and the universe. Somewhere along my journey, I got married to someone who was a Christian and veered away from my spiritual path for a while. The marriage was extremely brief, but played a vital role in me discovering my true self. Let me give you a quick rundown: my husband was in the military & when we got married, he was stationed in South Korea. He flew up to Va Beach, we got married, then he went back to South Korea a few weeks later. When he got back to the states; me, him, and my son, all met up in the DMV area where he got stationed to start our life. I left my job, my home, my family, & moved 16 hours away. So after 5 months of marriage (& only three weeks of living together), he asked for a divorce. This is when I started to unknowingly discover who I really was. I still had to live in the same house with him for six weeks after he asked for the divorce while I figured out what I was going to do next. During that time, I was desperate to keep me and my sons energy protected from my husband. I was also desperate to heal from that emotional pain as quickly as I could. So I contacted a reiki practitioner to come to my house and perform a reiki healing on me, in order to align my chakras as well as ground my energy. After I got my reiki healing, I felt amazing so I decided that I needed a crystal to protect my energy. I went to this crystal shop in D.C and got my very first crystal. It was a hematite ring which I still wear to this day. I was drawn to that shop, so I would go back every few days and buy more crystals, sage, etc. Fast forward to the week that I was finally leaving the DMV to come back to Arkansas; my aunt flew up to help me drive back. I took her to the crystal shop, but this time, I left my wallet at home because I didn't plan on buying anything. As my aunt was looking around, I was looking around and something called me over to the "tarot card" section. So I went. And I went through all of the cards until I found a deck that I connected with. It was called The Gilded Tarot and since then, I have acquired nearly twenty more decks of cards, so i actually haven't used that deck in a while. Again, I left my wallet at home that day because I hadn't planned on buying anything, so my aunt actually purchased my first deck of cards for me. I went home, opened the cards and called a few friends to do readings on them. It came to me immediately, it was like I had been reading cards my whole life the moment I did my first reading. So two days later, I started charging a very low price and that was the birth of my business. I remember when I first started, my readings were $7, people would pay me through cashapp, and I would send their readings to them via facebook messenger. Once I discovered that I was a natural at tarot reading, I did go back and learn more about it, do courses to help me better understand, etc. My prices started to go up as my skill improved. From the very beginning, I had been predicting peoples spouses getting out of jail early, break up's, pregnancies, people getting raises, the list goes on. I would look at different cards for different people and feel something very specific for them in my gut. That's how I was able to tell them things about their future. I remember thinking "I wish I was psychic, that would be so dope!", but if you're on a spiritual journey, you know its always better when you let things naturally come to you so I didn't think too much of it after that. Then one day, this video popped up in the "recommended" section on my YouTube. It was called "How to Strengthen Your Psychic Abilities". I click on it, and the lady starts naming and describing the different types of psychics. She talked about clairvoyants and clairaudients. When she got to the clairsentients, I freaked out because I am clairsentient, but I had no idea what the name for it was or that it was a psychic ability. All I knew was that I was able to tell people about their past, present, and future, because I would feel very specific things, very strongly, and that's how I got my information. It was mind blowing to find out that I had been a psychic the entire time without even realizing it. It was a lot to take in, it took me a few days to process it because it was exciting, yet terrifying at the same time. But after a day or two, I began to really tap into it. It's been an amazing journey, it's amazing to be able to do what I'm good at and what I love for a living. I've experienced so much growth and discovered who I am and it all started with what I thought was the worst time of my life. Turns out, my old life had to crumble and the old me had to die in order for me to rebuild and discover who I really was.

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