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New Moon Ritual - No Tools

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

It’s the new moon in Pisces & although I don’t do moon rituals often anymore, I was called to do one for this new moon. I’ll be out of town - away from all of my spiritual tools (conveniently, in a place surrounded by nature) so I decided to do a ritual that doesn’t require anything except me & the moon, of course! This is what I’ll be doing tomorrow night & I wanted to share it with you all as well.

-Go outside.

-Close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths & on the exhale, release built up tension.

-Imagine a white light surrounding you as a way to cleanse your energy & then gold light to protect it. White light can protect your energy as well, but gold is more effective.

-Set intentions by speaking them verbally. Since the moon is in Pisces (along with the sun) & emotions are heightened right now. My intentions will include making sure I have clear communication with my loved ones, that I don’t take things too personally, that i am continuing to honoring my boundaries with others so I don’t get drained, & to fully embrace my emotions (positive & negative) in order to stay in a healthy emotional space. I’ll set WAY more intentions & they’re all about matters of the heart & emotions.

-Ask the universe how you can continue to have a positive, emotional impact on those who you come into contact with each day. And how you can keep being of service to others.

-Cry. This one is optional, but I feel that it’s necessary. Nothing is wrong, I just haven’t sat & cried to release built up emotions in a while. When I want to make myself cry, I start thinking about things that I’m really grateful for. Then, I can get into my “crying to release” mode.

Thank the universe. Thank the moon.

& then go earthing to ground yourself.

If you try this, feel free to let me know how it was for you. This ritual can be done for other moons if you’re called to do so, too. I’m sure I’ll use it again during cancer season. Happy new moon!

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