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Pantheism. Let’s Talk About It

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

I wanted to talk about Pantheism because it’s something that I notice a lot of people believe, but don’t know the actual word for it. If you’re here, read this with an open mind. Take what resonates & leave what doesn’t. I hope that you’re able to gain a new perspective from my personal views when it comes to Pantheism.

So what is Pantheism?

Pan - all or of everything.

Theism - the existence of a God or Gods. Especially belief in one God as CREATOR of the Universe.

I put “creator” in all caps because that is the part that I do not agree with. Already, just based off of the definition of the word “theism”, God is being separated from the Universe.

Pantheism - the belief that God is the universe in - simple terms.

It’s something that a lot of people identify, but don’t realize it because Pantheism isn’t super mainstream. I see so many people use “God” & “Universe” interchangeably so I’m not sure why Pantheism isn’t talked about more - especially within the spiritual community.

I’m not big on labels when it comes to spirituality, but after deep thought on whether or not I want to label myself as a Pantheist, I decided that I actually do consider myself to be a pantheist. I feel very comfortable labeling myself as a pantheist because this is a belief that I stand by, have stood by for years, & is likely to NEVER change. The only difference is that like other Pantheist - I view God & the universe as being the same thing, however, in terms of ALL (from the word “pan”), I do not believe that I am God. Many other Pantheist believe that we are God as well, that we are equal to God. Those who believe that are not wrong at all. For me, I believe that there is God within me because that is my creator, but I view God as a higher power - not an equal to me. This is why I’m able to surrender easily, because I look at the God as a way higher frequency than my own. The “God IS the universe” opinion that I have will most likely never change, but my opinion that I am not God because I am not equal in regards to that level of frequency & power is something that will probably change as I evolve. That’s the beautiful thing about spirituality, our beliefs are constantly changing which is a sign of deeper consciousness on our part.

I don’t connect with a personified God that feels emotion (like the Christian God). Which is why I don’t believe in heaven or hell. I do not think that we are punished or praised by God based on how we make them feel. I think that the Universe is neutral which is why we have both good & bad karma. And I don’t dismiss heaven & hell COMPLETELY, I view it as a frequency. It’s the Christian interpretation of heaven & hell that I dismiss as an ex Christian. I’ll have to go more into detail on that another time.

So back to Pantheism & why I believe that way, God has to exist for the universe to exist, meaning that the universe is technically a part of God - just like us. Except again, I don’t look at the Universe as just a PART of God, but as God itself. & I bet you just naturally started using Universe interchangeably with God - without realizing it. Because you had a subconscious feeling that the universe is equally as powerful & conscious.

Another thing that I always had questions about, growing up in the church is - if the universe is infinite, where would God physically be at if it were a separate entity? For some people, the answer is Heaven. Because I only view heaven as a frequency, there is no answer for that - for me. It’s all the same, it’s all deeply connected.

Pantheism can look different for different people & each variation is accurate based upon that individuals personal beliefs - as long as it sticks to the core belief that God is the Universe.

There’s so much more to Pantheism & I encourage you to look more into it if it resonates with you (or even if it doesn’t - just so you can be more familiar with it if it ever comes up in conversation). Also, if this resonates with you, I encourage you to speak more about Pantheism as well because there’s so many people who identify with it, but don’t know what to call it. Thank you for opening up your mind to tap into raw, honest thoughts & have that divine connection. Wishing you a beautiful day if you’re reading this.

Love & light


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