✍🏽 Purpose Vs. Impact

The other night, I was reading a book & at the end of one of the chapters, the author asked “so do you understand what your duties & responsibilities are as a black woman?” Which I translated into him basically asking if I know what my purpose is. So it got me thinking more about purpose - not just as a black woman, but as a person, in general. I did used to think that we all had this crazy, important job to do on earth & that once we figured out what that was, we were walking in our purpose. Over the past few years though, I’ve changed my thoughts on that & decided that just existing is enough. I think that a lot of people are unfulfilled & stressed because you’re getting life purpose confused with impact. You want to know WHY you’re here? In a nutshell, you’re here because your soul was called to come here. You were intricately created in order to simply exist. That’s your purpose (although that interpretation is subjective), but it doesn’t seem to satisfy you because you feel like you were meant to do