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Support, alignment, & perspective are all themes for August of 2023, with this month being a universal #6.

August will be more of a laid back month as the number 6 calls for us to slow down. You will receive confirmation as to what is & what isn’t in alignment with your current path. During this time, become more conscious of leaning more towards what you already have & what you desire while pulling your attention away from what is no longer working for you. You can make a choice to walk away from what you need to move on from with a sense of empowerment & this will align you with a path that will benefit your highest good.

During August, you will also feel a stronger sense of support & community (both in the physical & spiritual realm). You may begin to see more angel numbers, orbs, & feeling the energy of your ancestors & spirit guides - stronger than usual. Along with this, you’ll begin to prioritize your relationships with friends & family. Create more time for phone calls & quality time with those who are special to you. August can also bring in healing & understanding for the relationships that need it the most.

It’s also important to acknowledge what situations in your life require you to look at things from a different perspective. Doing so will allow you to gain clarity on the truth of the situation as you remove the ego & create a solution. Doing so will allow you to feel "unstuck" & begin seeing moving progress again.

If you're a life path 6 or if you were born on 8/6, 8/15, or 8/24 spend plenty of time this month focusing on prioritizing your own needs, dreams, health, & preserving your energy.

If you would like to learn about your personal numbers (life path, expression, growth, hearts desire, personality, & maturity), you can book a numerology chart reading on the "shop" page. This is done via phone call. This numerology chart reading will help you understand your purpose, discover your strengths & weaknesses, learn what your lucky number is, gain insight to your personality, & learn how the world sees you.

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