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November '23 numerology

Life purpose, achievement, endings, & inspiration are all themes for November as we enter a universal month #9.

An in depth video on this (along with messages for your personal year) is available over on YouTube & the link to watch that video will be at the end of this blog!

November is bringing in a sigh of relief. Think of the saying "out with the old, in with the new". A lot of stagnant energy is being released at this time. Many of you are beginning to clear that mental fog and becoming more inspired at this time. Don't look back, November is coming in to remind you that there are so many amazing things waiting AHEAD for you. This month could be very busy & productive for you as you're leaning into that inspired and aligned action, working on things that you haven't had the energy to pour into lately. Some of you may start rethinking what your purpose is and how you can show up for the world in a way that benefits others and is also fulfilling for you.

November is also calling for you to put yourself in that space to align yourself with your current desires. Now that it's in your point of attraction, how can you assist the universe in making it real for you?

It's our time to fully prepare for what's coming next because we're SO CLOSE to entering a universal year 8 in 2024 which means that we're moving into the energy of abundance & wealth. November's energy is telling you to begin preparing for that now.

If you're a life path 9 or were born on 11/7, 11/16, or 11/25, spend extra time focusing what it is that you REALLY want at this point in your life & what is required of you to get there.

If you would like to learn about your personal numbers (life path, expression, growth, hearts desire, personality, & maturity), you can book a numerology chart reading on the "shop" page. This is done via phone call. This numerology chart reading will help you understand your purpose, discover your strengths & weaknesses, learn what your lucky number is, gain insight to your personality, & learn how the world sees you!

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