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September '23 Numerology

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Intuition, clarity, & introspection are all themes of September as we enter a universal month #7.

An in depth video on this (along with a September message for your personal year) is available on YouTube channel for you as well! If you go to the "menu" page & click "YouTube", you will be directed to the video.

Much like the laid back "6" energy that we experienced last month, September is bringing in the energy of the number 7 & calling for us to just breathe, take it slow, & refocus. 7 is all about your spiritual path, your intuition, & your personal growth.

You will begin to feel more support from your ancestors & spirit guides which will prompt you to get back on track with your spiritual practices in order to work with your spiritual team, creating magic! That could mean that you begin doing candle magic, manifestation rituals, finding new ways to use the law of attraction, & more. Your power will become even more apparent to you throughout this month.

During the month of September, you will also receive solutions to some of the problems you're facing by looking within & gaining clarity from your higher self. Work with selenite or clear quartz to enhance this energy. For this month, focus on the changes that you need to make within, connect with your roots, & create new self care routines.

If you're a life path 7 or were born on 9/7, 9/16, or 9/25, give yourself some extra time to analyze your life, to fully embrace the changes that are happening internally, & to practice self compassion.

If you would like to learn about your personal numbers (life path, expression, growth, hearts desire, personality, & maturity), you can book a numerology chart reading on the "shop" page. This is done via phone call. This numerology chart reading will help you understand your purpose, discover your strengths & weaknesses, learn what your lucky number is, gain insight to your personality, & learn how the world sees you.

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